Jam engineering

The engineering challenges we solve while building Jam, the tool that helps your teammates create perfect bug reports every time.


AI will 100x the number of engineers

In 10 years, I bet there will be 100x more engineers than now. Here's 5 big predictions on how AI will impact engineers.
4 min read

Navigating backwards compatibility in GraphQL

GraphQL strategies to help you manage interactions between evolving systems more effectively.
5 min read

Time traveling debuggers w/ Adam Chalmers (Zoo.dev)

Discover Zoo's breakthrough in CAD: time traveling debuggers and custom KCL. Talk by Adam Chalmers, engineer at Zoo.dev.
2 min read

Navigating the complexities of local development: Our journey to Tilt at Jam

Read about our journey to improve local development ergonomics and how we arrived at Tilt.
3 min read

Building a network stack for our browser extension

This probably sounds a bit crazy. Or, you may have forgotten what a network stack is. But before you dismiss the concept of a layered protocol stack inside of a browser extension as ravings by a madman, or a concept too convoluted to bother understanding, let me provide some context.
8 min read

All 5 talks from Cloudflare + Twilio + Jam SF tech talks night

Last night, 75 engineers packed into Cloudflare HQ for an evening of lightning talks about prompt engineering, vector DBs, AI codegen, and more. We recorded all 5 talks (they're each about 5-10 min long), and here they are! The history of UI design and what's next
1 min read

How to preview deployments with Kubernetes

Sometimes replicating your full stack environment locally is pretty hard. Orchestrating lots of microservices in a development environment and sharing demos can be tricky. Making incremental changes and shipping fast is ideal. This is our default workflow for the vast majority of development but for some cases where we want
5 min read

Our journey with GraphQL and the trade-offs we've encountered along the way

At Jam, we initially chose GraphQL for our product due to its flexibility and ability to build lightweight and fast front-ends. However, as we’ve scaled, we have encountered challenges with GraphQL related to maintainability, debugging and monitoring. Even within our engineering team, the jury is out on whether those
7 min read

Debugging a complicated chain of events that led to a bug

We built Jam to help you file bugs. But we’re not perfect! Here’s a quick teardown on one of our own bugs—a bug that affected some users during their first Jam install. We’re writing this because we’re imperfect, and we think it’s a great
4 min read

Migrating from MongoDB to Postgres: Part 1

This is the first part of an upcoming series documenting our work in migrating databases from MongoDB to Postgres. We did this with zero incidents, having planned the changes over 6 weeks, and executed them in under an hour. We’d love to share our thoughts on how we approached
5 min read

Creating custom embeds with an oEmbed API using Cloudflare Workers

If you have a SaaS product that you want to embed into other platforms like Notion, you might find yourself struggling with the limitations of existing embed options. Fortunately, you can create your own custom embeds by creating an oEmbed API using Cloudflare Workers. In this post, we'll
3 min read

Building the ClickUp integration at Jam

At Jam, our mission is to help teams ship high-quality software, faster. We do this by making it easier to communicate about and fix bugs. Our tool makes sure all the information engineers need to debug a bug, like network requests, console logs, screenshots, videos, and device, OS, and browser
4 min read

Automating Chrome extension publishing with GitHub Actions

In the earlier days of Jam engineering, we did a few things that don’t scale. As one of those many things, we manually submitted the extension to the Chrome Web Store. This meant whenever we wanted to release newer versions of our extension, one of our engineers had to
4 min read

Top 5 picks: Chrome extensions for developers

There are so many great Chrome extensions to help developers, but with so many to try, how do you know which ones are actually great? I asked the developers on the Jam team for the ones they use every day. Here are our top picks! 👇 1 – ModHeader Easiest way to
2 min read

Patching dependencies is easier than forking

How to use patch-package to patch dependencies in javascript apps.
4 min read

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