All the AI demos from Jam + Mercury + Product Hunt AI Night

Jam, Product Hunt, and Mercury hosted SF builders for AI demos. Watch: marketing campaigns, videos of famous actors & more— all made by AI.

AI demos from community event with Jam, Product Hunt, and Mercury

Jam, Product Hunt, and Mercury hosted 150 builders in SF for a night of AI demos in April.

We got to see 5 truly incredible products: from full marketing campaigns created by AI, to videos of famous actors reading your scripts— it was really fun to watch them with our community.

These AI applications are such a cool snapshot of where the tech is heading, we're excited to share them with even more of you!

Replit: Build apps with AI

Replit engineer, James Austin showed us how you can build fully functioning apps, without being an expert programmer. Replit AI makes it possible for anyone.

Bestever: Creative AI suite for marketers

Founder and CEO, Apoorva Govind, made all the creative assets marketers need to run campaigns, in just a few minutes! Bestever AI can generate beautiful graphics and animations for every platform and dimension.

Infinity AI: Videos of famous people, acting your scripts

Founder, Lina Colucci presented the most fun you'll ever have creating a video. Infinity AI takes a topic of your choice, to create a short and punchy script with famous characters acting it out.

Recontact: 100s of user calls, packaged into insights

Founder, Ankit Sanghvi told us the story of the pivots he made while searching for PMF... Until he just built the tool he needed to find PMF. Recontact ingests all your user research calls, to give you aggregate insights.

Trace: Design complete iOS apps with AI

CEO and Founder, Vidy Thatte designed a working mobile app by typing up a quick prompt with Trace AI. Complete with a Figma plug-in to keep designing.

And that's a wrap! Catch you at our next AI Night 🔥

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