Building Jam | Ep. 1 Live from Bogotá

We’re trying something new: hitting record on an unfiltered conversation about building our startup each week. No fluff, just real decisions, moments and challenges.

Why are we doing this? Because you’re builders too, and we love getting to meet you and swapping product tips.

On the first episode, we discuss:

  • (00:29) This week’s offsite and building in person
  • (04:32) Bringing up difficult or confrontational topics with the team
  • (07:18) Choosing what to focus on when there’s a lot going on
  • (08:02) Finding the right format for team retros
  • (10:11) Breaking the news that a beta product needs more iteration
  • (11:51) Trusting your gut vs. data
  • (12:29) Excitement and uncertainty about an upcoming launch
  • (14:15) How to make hard-boiled eggs in Bogotá

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