Building Jam | Ep. 2 The Eng Team is Growing

This week, the Head of Engineering at Jam talks about the challenges of scaling and hiring in our startup.

We’re trying something new: hitting record on an unfiltered conversation about building our startup each week. No fluff, just real decisions, moments and challenges.

Why are we doing this? Because you’re builders too, and we love getting to meet you and swapping product tips.

On this episode, we discuss:

  • 00:26 Why hiring takes so long— 5 months iterating the process!
  • 09:30 What’s going to break: the stuff we know, and what we don’t
  • 11:01 Changing the format of decision-making now that there’s more people (and opinions)
  • 18:30 The different factors that go into choosing the right candidate
  • 20:36 What happens when the team goes from 15 people to 20
  • 22:40 Does anyone know the perfect designer:engineer ratio?
  • 26:57 More team challenges: unexpected hires and financial planning, balancing strategy with execution, and showing up for the team with a meeting-packed calendar

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