Building Jam | Ep. 4 Just The Marketers

On this episode of Building Jam, we talk about what it's like to be the first marketers at our startup and figure out everything from scratch.

We’re trying something new: hitting record on an unfiltered conversation about building our startup each week. No fluff, just real decisions, moments and challenges.

On this episode:

What are the best marketing tactics for growing startups? We don’t really know yet, but we’re having a lot of fun figuring it out. This week, Ian and Ivanha talk about taking Jam marketing from 0 to 1.

  • 00:36 The owl video experiment & "Content-Market Fit"
  • 05:34 Getting comfortable with a blank canvas
  • 08:49 Deciding the tone and messaging of feature launches
  • 11:47 Sizzle reels & Building Things™
  • 16:16 Challenges of the week

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