AI demos: Anthropic, Uizard & Superhuman

AI demos: Anthropic, Uizard & Superhuman

AI Night hosted by Jam at GitHub HQ. Demos ready for you to watch!

Last month, Jam hosted 200 builders at GitHub HQ in SF - for a night of AI demos. Huge shout out to the folks at GitHub for having us; and to the builders who shared what they're working on.

The demos were truly awesome— from a dating app designed in 2 minutes, to LLMs as world-class curators— we're excited to share them with you.

Ready? 👀

Uizard: from text to fully designed UI

And, that's pronounced wizard, if you didn't already know!

Tony Beltramelli, CEO and Co-Founder at Uizard, designed a whole dating app in less than two minutes. Let's just say, we would definitely sign up for "Engineer Connect".

Create interfaces, apps, and more with Uizard.

Anthropic: art curation + fashion with Claude

We tried Inter Alia to find vacation looks— and are never going back.

Karina Nguyen, researcher and engineer at Anthropic, shared her vision for language models as world-class curators. She showed us five AI apps she built with Claude, including an art curator and a search engine to help you shop for fashion that matches your vibe.

Try Anthropic to build your own apps.

Superhuman: passive AI features changing how we email

Plus a sneak peek at a pre-launch feature called Instant Reply.

Aditya Kothari, engineer at Superhuman, explained the company's philosophy behind their suite of AI features launched in the past year. Instead of users actively taking an action, they aim to build features that just work, like auto-summaries and quick replies in your voice.

Keep your inbox at bay with Superhuman.

And, that's a wrap! Catch you at the next one 🔥

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