Meet Jam for Notion

Create tasks in Notion with all the context developers need in 1 click.

Meet Jam for Notion

I’m a Notion nerd. Full stop. I can’t believe I get to tell you all about this launch. It’s a big milestone for Jam, and for me personally, it’s a moment.

Notion is a powerful tool for builders like you and me. A lot of software teams on Jam (including the Jam team) use Notion to collaborate more productively. In Notion, teams manage feature sprints, QA rounds, design projects, website tasks, and more.

Jam for Notion makes all of that faster and easier. I’ve been using this thing for a while, and I’m really excited to get into it. 


I work with a technical bunch— really, even the non-engineers on the team who call themselves “non-technical” seem pretty technical from where I’m standing. I think that’s the case for about half of the people who love Jam. The other half are in the first group I mentioned, hi devs!

The same thing happens in Notion, organizations of all sizes store information, create and follow process, and ultimately, work together across departments in a smattering of Notion boards, trackers, and my favorite: pages inside pages, inside pages.

Bringing the two together gets us one step closer to our mission to make software engineering more productive and enjoyable, for everyone involved in the software development lifecycle.

Create Notion tasks directly from your website or web app

If I could point to one thing holding me back from true Notion bliss, it’s being specific with engineering or design. 

You need a dashboard? I got you. Need me to detail what happened last time I clicked a button on our website? I’ll try, waste a bunch of time taking screenshots and copying links back and forth, and still probably miss what you actually needed.

We’ll push through it together, but it’ll take us a while for you to ask me exactly what it is you need to know, and for me to provide you with that answer. Jam for Notion gets rid of that friction on either end. 


Now, you can create a Notion task with technical details about your web app or website, by clicking on the Jam browser extension to take a screenshot or record your screen. Jam automatically creates a task in the Notion database you select, with technical session details like console/network logs and steps to reproduce.

1 click & move on to the next thing

Giving context is necessary and annoying. I also suspect it’s one of the top factors slowing you down, because it pulls you out of the productivity flow. If you have to do it, say just 3 times a day, and it takes you about 15 minutes to get back in the zone, that’s 45 minutes lost, on basically nothing.

On the other hand, if you power through tasks to avoid losing steam, you might forget to go back and fill out the information on each new Notion task you created— or you’ll put it off. And then you’ve got other priorities, new projects… Next thing you know it’s been a week and the web developer still doesn’t have the logs to fix the button. 


Jam for Notion frees up your time, so you actually can power through tasks, and the developers on the other end can also fix issues faster because they have the information they need.

Try Jam for Notion, your devs will thank you

Jam for Notion is currently available for all Jam users. Just connect to Notion next time you’re Jamming.

You can read more details about our new Notion integration in our docs.

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