Just launched! Even more debug data auto-included with Jam + LogRocket

Fix bugs faster with everything devs need to debug in 1 easy link.

Just launched! Even more debug data auto-included with Jam + LogRocket

For you Jam + LogRocket users, now every Jam you create will automatically include the LogRocket session, right there in the Jam.

We’re on a mission to build the one link you need to open to debug and fix an issue. This launch is another step towards that, bringing even more of your application data into Jam.

Jam + LogRocket: The fastest way to get the data you need to fix an issue 🚀

The Jam + LogRocket integration gives engineers the full view of a bug– every time, no matter who reports it.

With Jam, you can replay a bug that just happened and send developers a link with all the technical context they need to fix it— all in 2 clicks.

Jam.dev - log bugs directly from your web app in 2 clicks with dev logs auto-included

LogRocket sessions give developers important usage information, like moments of user struggle, before and even after the bug.

Jam.dev LogRocket integration for faster debugging

Together, they save software teams time and frustration. Now when you create a Jam, it auto-includes the LogRocket session with all the other devtools info engineers get in Jam.

No set-up required

You don't have to connect anything to get started, or write a single line of code. The LogRocket recording is just going to be there for your devs every time you report a bug with Jam.

Docs: https://jam.dev/docs/integrations/logrocket

LogRocket is our 13th integration, big thanks to the LogRocket team for supporting this launch - so fun to work with y’all!

Also check out integrations with: Sentry, Fullstory, GitHub, Linear, Jira, Notion, Slack, and more.

Happy faster debugging!

Dealing with bugs is 💩, but not with Jam.

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