Hosting eng meetups? We’ll cover the pizza!

Hosting eng meetups? We’ll cover the pizza!

Announcing Jam.Pizza: an easy way to apply to get a sponsorship to support your next meetup, with love from


We’re launching a program to support more product and engineering meetups around the world!

Last year, we started hosting events to get together with the builders who Jam in-person. It’s been incredible! After 10 events in cities like London, San Francisco, and New York, we’ve learned so much from engineers who are working on some really cool things.

We wanted to do something extra to support engineering communities in more places, so today we’re launching Jam.Pizza. It’s an easy way to apply to get a sponsorship to support your meetup. 

To apply for Jam to cover the pizza at your next event, just fill out this quick form! 

Looking for engineering communities in your city?

Here’s a list of awesome communities to follow for tech meetups in your city: 

  • Amsterdam: The main JavaScript conference & party! @thejsnation
  • Buenos Aires: For news on NodeConf in Argentina. @nodeconfar
  • Chicago: The official account for the ChicagoJS community. @chicago_js
  • Kyiv: The latest in Ukrainian tech events. @fwdays
  • London: React community - meetups & conferences. @ReactLondon_
  • Mumbai: Bringing together devs on all things React and JS. @react_mumbai
  • Munich: JavaScript user group with monthly meetups in Munich. @munichjs
  • Santiago: The first Javascript conference in Chile. @jsconfcl
  • San Francisco: Tech news, events, and meetups in SF. @cerebral_valley
  • Sidney: News and updates on Sydney's React.js meetup. @reactsydney
  • Toronto: News & events related to Toronto's JavaScript community. @torontojs

With love, from your friends at Jam

There’s so much value in knowledge sharing with fellow engineers, we’re so thankful for the people putting in the hard work organizing these communities.

Jam.Pizza is for everyone who wants to bring engineers together, you don’t need an established community to apply. We just want to make it a little easier to budget!

Get pizza for your next meetup by applying at

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