Jam raises $8.9M Series A led by GGV Capital U.S.

Jam has raised $8.9M Series A, led by GGV Capital U.S., with participation from Figma Ventures and some of the world’s most prominent leaders in software development, including the founders of Vercel and Mixpanel. 

We’re excited to announce that Jam has raised $8.9M Series A, led by GGV Capital U.S. partners Glenn Solomon (who is joining the board) and Hans Tung with participation from Figma Ventures. This is the third joint venture for Solomon and Tung, who have led funding rounds together only twice before— first with Slack, then Airbnb, and now Jam.

Founders of leading engineering-driven companies also joined the round: Guillermo Rauch (CEO, Vercel), Suhail Doshi (founder, Mixpanel), Amanda Kleha (CCO, Figma), Paul Yacoubian (CEO, Copy.ai), Claire Vo (CPO, LaunchDarkly), Austen Allred (CEO, BloomTech), Cassidy Williams (CTO, Contenda), and Sandeep Jain (CEO, MonetizeNow).

We’re proud to partner with industry leaders who have changed how productively engineers can build software before us. That’s why we created Jam: to empower software teams to spend more time building the future— and less time fixing their past work.

Jam’s growth since launching in 2022

As Jam co-founders saw firsthand, even at the fastest moving companies in the Silicon Valley (Jam co-founders met as product managers at Cloudflare), engineers waste hours each week going back and forth in chats, emails and meetings to clarify issues, instead of being able to simply start writing code to fix them. Rarely do engineers have all the information they need to debug an issue when they get assigned one to fix.

That’s because, remarkably, the process for reporting technical diagnostics to engineers has not changed in 30 years — until Jam. While most things in software development have changed 100-fold since the 1990s, this is still entirely manual and prone to human error.

Jam enables everyone – no matter their technical expertise – to send deeply technical troubleshooting information to engineers instantly. With Jam, engineers get the precise information they need to reproduce an issue, no back-and-forth necessary. The result? Software teams can fix issues “2-3x faster”, according to Generative AI company Pictory product manager Neha Kalani.

Last year, Jam 10x’ed growth to over 75,000 users who create over 200,000 Jams every month. Some of the largest global enterprises and fastest-growing startups like Salesforce, Unilever, Autodesk, and Toast rely on Jam to streamline debugging.

In December, Jam crossed 1 million Jams created —  it’s exciting to see our product become an essential tool for world-class software teams globally. Jam’s user base now spans over 150 countries.

“Every time I record a bug with Jam, I save myself from shoulder tapping an engineer to review it with them. Jam helps answer a lot of the questions I get from engineers when I discover a bug. It’s a big time saver!”
— Marvin Gonzalez, E-Commerce Product Manager, Under Armour
"Jam's a game changer. Anyone on our team can record a bug and collect error messages without any technical sense at all."
— Trip Jagolta, Senior Product Manager, Toast
“Jam made it much easier for me, the QA team and the development team to work thanks to automatic browser logs and integrations with Slack, our tool for team communication at SeatGeek, Sentry, for automatic logs of our server, and Jira so we can record and view bug reports without having to open it up.”
— Nitzan Goldenberg, Senior QA Engineer, SeatGeek
"Jam has been a game-changer for our team, streamlining our bug reproduction process and eliminating miscommunication with our developers— on top of reporting the issue and expected result."
— Michał Jarczewski, Senior QA Engineer, Deel
“Product managers and engineers love Jam because it speeds feedback cycles with extremely high fidelity. Across the GGV Capital U.S. portfolio, product velocity and product quality are extremely important success factors. Dani, Irtefa and team have built Jam to help users drive product speed and quality, and, as is evident from Jam’s extraordinary user growth and engagement, engineers and product folks from companies of all sizes are experiencing amazing results. Jam’s future is very bright and we’re excited to be partnering with this talented team.”
— Glenn Solomon, Managing Partner, GGV Capital U.S.

What’s ahead

Our aim is to empower millions of teams to ship faster and deliver more for their collectively billions of customers. In today’s software-driven world, the pace of software development is the speed at which people’s experiences can improve. At Jam, we try to push that further to help the future arrive sooner in people’s hands.

Jam is hiring across all roles. If this mission excites you, we want to hear from you.

Thank you to all the builders who Jam— your feedback and support will continue to shape the product and company. We’re grateful to be on this journey with you.

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