Launching today: WebSocket Inspector!

We just launched a brand new WebSocket inspector in Jam. We built it to rival Chrome dev tools - but added our own twists too:

You can watch WebSocket connections playback in real time alongside the screen recording of a bug:

Fully inspect and filter every WebSocket message, with full regex support:

View WebSocket messages pretty printed with one click to copy:

Timestamp support front and center - with UTC and relative video timestamps:

Due to the long-lived nature of WebSockets, building this required a total re-think of how the Jam extension handles parsing and merging developer logs.

Preston Pham (lead engineer) & Cyrus Roshan (product manager) demo and discuss the code/architectural decisions behind the scenes:

PS If you like WebSocket jokes, do we have the blooper reel for you: Watch Bloopers

PPS WebSocket support is available on all Chromium browsers: Chrome, Arc, Edge, and Opera…but not Brave. Because of mundane technical reasons.

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