Top 5 picks: Chrome extensions for developers

There are so many great Chrome extensions to help developers, but with so many to try, how do you know which ones are actually great? I asked the developers on the Jam team for the ones they use every day. Here are our top picks! πŸ‘‡

1 – ModHeader

Easiest way to modify HTTP request & response headers. It's really easy to use, and especially useful for getting CORS working on a local development environment.

Get ModHeader here.

2 – EditThisCookie

A really easy way to edit cookies. Perfect for when you are developing a web app and need an easy way to test authentication and all its edge cases.

Get EditThisCookie here.

3 – JSONViewer

It's got syntax highlighting and a bunch of themes to choose from. It's really beautiful and simple, and has lots of great nice utilities built-in for sorting and searching. Highly recommend!

Get JSONViewer here.

4 – Octotree

View directories and files on GitHub like you're viewing the file tree in your IDE. A much nicer way to navigate repositories on GitHub! When you have Octotree installed, it will add a file tree sidebar to and make it easy for you to navigate GitHub from there.

Get Octotree here.

5 – Jam

Not to toot our own horn too much but it's a core extension every developer at Jam uses every day! Jam lets you capture console & network requests for hard-to-reproduce bugs that just happened. When you're working locally and suddenly a weird browser state occurs, you can get the rewind of the bug, with console and network tabs from Jam (even if your dev tools network panel wasn't open!)

Get Jam for free here.

Dealing with bugs is πŸ’©, but not with Jam.

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